Lookback at a Successful Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Week at GSLS

At GSLS, Health Safety and Wellbeing for the entire team is central to what we do. We recently had Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Week, to make sure to focus everyone on activities and actions we can each take in our day to day work.

During the week, there was a series of successful events that not only enriched our knowledge but also helped us work on our physical health and wellbeing. It was an action packed agenda for the week with activities aimed at enhancing various aspects of our employees’ wellbeing, reflecting our ongoing commitment to fostering a supportive and healthy workplace.

Workplace Wellbeing is multi-faceted, and so we were keen to include as many areas as possible from medical checks, to exercise, to financial wellbeing, to safety training.

Here’s a look at some of the standout moments from the week:


Physical Wellbeing: Health Checks on the Go

In partnership with Laya Healthcare, we provided cholesterol and blood pressure testing stations throughout the week. This initiative was highly appreciated, as it offered employees a convenient way to check on critical health metrics, often overlooked in the hustle of daily routines.

Energising with Exercise: Boxercise and Pilates

The energy levels soared with Boxercise and Pilates classes that saw enthusiastic participation. These sessions were not just about physical activity but also about changing up the daily routines to inject some fun into the working day. The classes catered to all fitness levels, ensuring everyone could join in and enjoy the benefits of staying active.

Comprehensive Health Talks: Guidance from Dr. Mary Dooher

One of the highlights were group talks provided by Dr. Mary Dooher, focusing on menopause, and overall wellbeing, for both managers and staff. Dr. Dooher’s sessions were both enlightening and thought-provoking for many of us, offering professional advice and coping strategies that resonated on a personal level with the team.

Stress Management & Mindfulness: Guided Meditation from Susie Murray

There was a wonderful turnout for an hour-long guided meditation at lunchtime with Susie Murray. The purpose of the session was to share how to unwind, how to manage our daily stresses, and to embrace inner calmness. The feedback was super positive, everyone who attended expressed how invaluable they found it.

Financial Wellbeing: Pensions and Future Planning:

We also held a crucial update on pension schemes and the forthcoming pensions auto-enrolment process. This session proved invaluable as it offered employees clear insights into how they can secure their financial future and the benefits of starting early. The discussions demystified the complexities surrounding pension plans, enabling our team to make informed financial decisions.

Safety First: Warehouse Awareness and Driver Safety

Safety in the workplace took a front seat with our warehouse awareness group sessions. These workshops highlighted the importance of maintaining safety standards and recognising hazards in the warehouse setting. In parallel, we launched our Safe Driving Behaviours campaign, an initiative aimed at promoting safer driving practices amongst our team members. The campaign was launched with interactive activities and informative sessions, reinforcing the critical nature of driver safety.

Team Spirit: Lunch Time Walks

Our week also featured daily lunchtime walks, promoting physical activity and team bonding. These walks were not only a breath of fresh air but also a great way for team members to connect outside of the work environment, sharing conversations and enjoying the outdoors together.

Engaging Minds: Health & Safety Quizzes

To add an element of fun and challenge, we wrapped up the week with Health & Safety quizzes. These quizzes were a hit, packed with thoughtful questions that tested our knowledge and awareness. The competitive spirit was high, and the prizes were a great motivator, adding an extra layer of excitement to learning.

Reflections on a Week Well Spent

As we reflect on the past week, it’s clear that Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Week was more than just a series of events; it was a vibrant celebration of our commitment to holistic health and safety at the workplace. The success of each activity has not only boosted our knowledge and health, but also reinforced our sense of community within the company.

We are grateful to everyone who participated and contributed to making the week a success. We will continue to maintain this momentum and continue building a workplace where health and safety are at the forefront of our operations. Here’s to many more such fruitful and fulfilling initiatives!


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