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The €50 banknote is the most widely used of all euro banknote denominations.

The new €50 bank note will start circulating across the euro area on 4 April 2017. Like the €20 banknote of the Europa series, it will incorporate a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology.

The introduction of the new €50 is part of an ongoing effort to make euro banknotes even more secure. The central banks of the Eurosystem are responsible for maintaining the integrity of euro banknotes by improving their security features.

One such feature is the hologram. It will include a portrait window, an eye-catching security feature visible on both sides of the note. This window becomes transparent when held against the light, revealing the portrait of Europa on both sides. It represents a breakthrough in banknote technology and makes the banknotes more difficult to counterfeit. In addition to this security feature, the note includes an emerald number, which changes colour from emerald green to deep blue when tilted.

The €50 banknote is the most widely used of all euro banknote denominations; it accounts for more than 8 billion or about 45% of all euro banknotes currently in circulation.

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